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The Bronx Times.℠ started and continues to deliver information as an online newspaper. It has been reaching out to locals and guests through its flagstaff website since 2005. Our experience shows it is the most effective and meaningful bridge for advertisers to connect with residents in this diverse and evergrowing community.

Consider this - is up and running 24/7 and delivers information upon request, on location, instantaneously, a mouse-click away, beating any print edition in these respects. Finally, when people think "Bronx", they go to In this day and age, we can say for certain that this is only natural.

To back up our relevancy and superiority claims against any print or other online edition, we will share some of our stats - we deliver over 9,500 articles per day to a readership mass of more than 250,000. Now how is that for a community outreach?

Some of our past and curent advertisers include: Carnegie Hall, Dunkin’ Donuts, NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development, Sprint, Leake & Watts, Concordia College, Bronx Independent Living Services, The Beechwood Organization, American Lung Association New York, Constellation Health Services, Foster Care Network, WNYC Radio, Westchester Square Physical Therapy, New York City Economic Development Corporation, Bronx Museum of the Arts, Markhoff & Mittman, PC, The Horizon At Fleetwood, The Pelham Grand, Park South Condominiums and numerous other local businesses, individuals, schools, churches and organisations.

The following are the online ad formats we offer and their respective monthly pricing levels. Here, you can read more about the demographics we serve.

Please note - no free advertising under any shape, form or circumstances.

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Ad Formats & Pricing

A. Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels graphic ad in rotation at $1,250/mo. Displayed in the header on top all pages of the website. Look above for actual size (banner below is cut to fit the width of this column).


B. Large rectangle 336 x 280 pixels graphic ad in rotation at $1,050/mo. Displayed on the right hand side of all pages of the website.,


 C. Large rectangle 336 x 504 pixels graphic ad in rotation at $1,250/mo. Displayed on the right hand side of all pages of the website.


D. YouTube video clip ad sized 332 x 210+ pixels at $750/mo. Displayed on the top right hand side of the home (index) page of the website. Click on the play button below and consider this - if a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a moving picture worth?


E. Small rectangle 250 x 90 pixels graphic ad in rotation at $475/mo. Displayed on the right-hand side of all pages of the website. Look above.


F. Press-release covering your business or your event, published as a featured story on our homepage for $125/posting. The story may include relevant images and will remain active on our pages for ever. For high volume posting we will cap your cost at $1,250/yr, where all press releases following the 10th submitted will be published free of charge.


G. Job vacancy or real estate posting, published as a featured story on our homepage for $425/posting. The posting may include relevant images or external website links and will remain active on our pages for ever.


H. Business listing detailing the services your business offers in a relevant business directory. For example, if you own an Italian restaurant, your listing will appear under FOOD > Restaurants > Italian for a period of 1 year at $1/day, for a total of $365, payable upfront. You will be able to submit your menu, venue description, image gallery, hours of operation, etc. Changes to any of the above are free and could take place virtually immediately.


 I. Text link display of one sentence for a period of 1 year at $375, payable upfront. Changes to the text of your link are free and could take place virtually immediately.


"Look through apartments in Rochester, Buffalo, Bronx, or any city in New York."


J. Page-wide background display. This ad format is commonly used during high-impact promotional campaigns and is available at $1,000/mo. The background image of all our pages will be that of your ad campaign.


K. Unlimited number of press releases promoting your political campaign until election day at the fixed cost of $2,500.







Featured Author


Maria was born, raised and currently lives in Sofia, Bulgaria, EU. She is a journalist by profession and practices psychological consultation for the past few years. Maria worked as a reporter/journalist for a number of newspapers and radio stations. She served as a chief-editor of the National Library's monthly magazine Librarian for a number of years. Maria started drawing in 1991, urged by a strong inner need to recreate the reality beyond the usual – the world of forms and details… She has taken part in various exhibitions and her work is in a number of private collections around the world. Maria's drawings are created using mixed techniques – aquarelle, tempera, ink, pencils, etc. They are unique and have no names. Their eventual owners would give them names, effectively becoming a part of the process of creating them. Every one can charge their own drawing with one's own energy and identify it with one's self. The drawings will repay generously, predisposing for calm moments of reflection and meditation.