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"Is bible the word of God?"

Based on the bible God is love. That means that the word of God is love. Suppose 65% of the bible is all about love, then 65% of the bible is the word of God. Suppose 100% of the bible is all about love, then 100% of the bible is the word of God. Suppose only 7% of the bible is about love, then only 7% of the bible is the world of God.

"What does God want from me?"

God wants from you the same thing what you want from your children, which is to grow up, become independent, start life, live life, and most importantly NOT TO RELY ON THE PARENT. The same thing God wants from you to become independent and not rely on Him.

"Is Jesus the only way to heaven?"

Some people believe Jesus is the only way to heaven even though Jesus himself told a young man that by just obeying the 10 commandments he will be saved. However, suppose Jesus is the only way to heaven (that is what most of the Christians believe in), can one say that believing in love is the same thing as to believing in Jesus? Because the bible teaches us that God is love and Jesus is God, that means that Jesus is love. It is like water which can be expressed in 3 different forms: as liquid, as ice, and as gas. God can be expressed in 3 different forms as well: God the father, God the son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit. Different on the outside but the same on the inside. Basically believing in love and making it your number one priority in life is the same thing as to believing in Jesus. So, when John Lennon said, "all you need is love" he actually meant that all you need is Jesus. Or when George Carlin said, "I believe in love" that is basically the same thing as if Carlin has said, "I believe in Jesus". The bottom line is, believing in love is equivalent as to believing in Jesus. Then the question arises, "is love the only way to heaven?" Yes, love is the only way to heaven. Not to mention people who found love on earth are already in heaven.

"Is sleeping before marriage a sin?"

It may be a sin but Abraham, Moses, Isaak and many other big caracters in the bible they commited this sin if it is a sin. The reality is, anything you do, you do it to yourself. It is really up to you. I dont think you will anger God by commiting this sin. I might be wrong about it but I believe that God is happy when you are happy.

"Is God watching me 24/7?"

Would you be interested in watching a "white trash" life 24/7? Or would you be interested in watching a succeful man's life 24/7? God wasnt watching Adam and Eve 24/7, why would He be watching you 24/7?

"Should church be a part of my life?"

God is not pleased or displeased when you go to church or dont go to church. You are doing it for yourself. The best solution concerning church would be - one should go to church whenever he/she feels like going to church even if its only on Christmans and Thanksgiving.

"What religion is the right one?"

As far as I know all of the religions are here to help you, to make your life easier. All religions have good people and bad people. It really depends on the person. Religion doesnt change anyone. What makes one good is love and what makes one bad is lack of love.


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