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Dr. Scott Noren On The “Money To Entities” Announcements By Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) NY

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Dr. Scott Noren

Senator Gillibrand, along and other Congressional incumbents, travel to New York municipalities during reelection cycles announcing federal grants to local municipal entities like fire and police departments.

It should be noted that in many cases, the grants were applied for independently of the Senator’s office and had nothing to do with the entity getting money. This is highly misleading to the general public when they see the snippet on cable TV. The Ithaca New York Fire Department received grant money that they independently applied for. Senator Gillibrand had no direct causation for this award. Additionally, other grant money was distributed months before her recent press conference here. Misleading the public to believe they are responsible for this money is the "tour norm" and is used to presumably sway voters. It is also free press as the local news stations cover this at no charge to the incumbent.

Dr. Noren invites the press to call the Ithaca Fire Department to fact check this information. They will find that the Senator has no direct causal relationship that resulted in their federal grant money being approved.

Dr. Noren does have a proposed jobs bill that he personally wrote as well as a proposed amendment to the grossly outdated Higher Education Act of 1965. The proposed jobs bill by Dr. Noren would potentially free up capital for small businesses but not involve Wall Street or banks. He considers it "a jobs bill for the 99%".

Dr. Noren goes on to say, “Senator Gillibrand's web page previously contained and promoted the Upstate Works Act as a job bill initiative of hers...she actually said in her web site that it "provides new access to capital for businesses".  This Bill never saw even consideration by a committee.

Senator Gillibrand has only passed Post Office designation Bills and had "parts" of a Senate Bill she sponsored incorporated into a House Bill that was introduced before she did. Hers note the date introduced, and, the actual final bill, again note the date introduced.

Dr. Noren intends that he would spend much more time trying to protect some bills from repeal that protect the environment while at the same time pass good amendments to bills that need tweaking. An example is capping premiums on current health insurance as well as getting rid of many copays and coinsurance that many cannot afford. He believes however that a single payer health care system is a must.

Dr. Noren says he will run in a primary against Senator Gillibrand if he is able to pay and organize signature gathers before April of 2018. His website could be found here.



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