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Bronx Family Worries Over Impending Trump DACA Decision

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La Morada

La Morada — an authentic Mexican restaurant in Bronx — has been a part of this community in Bronx since 2009.

It has earned honors and recognition from the city and beyond, but what you may not know is the struggle beyond the kitchen: a family, who by appearances is living the American dream, but is of mixed immigration status from Mexico and has spent years living in limbo.

"I always saw immigration agents as the boogie man and that was my picture of them while i was growing up.  So there was always that fear that my family was going to get torn apart because of our status," said 28-year-old Yajaara Saaverda.

Saaverda is currently protected under DACA,  the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals order,  an executive action issued five years ago by President Barack Obama.

DACA has protected undocumented children from deportation. But that could all change after Tuesday.  It's expected that Trump will announce plans to end DACA in six months.

Mayor Bill de Blasio, Governor Cuomo and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman this Labor Day announced New York State's position; they will sue to protect dreamers.

While President Trump is following through with a campaign promise, many hope the six-month delay to action is a gift of sorts that will allow Congress to step in legislatively.

As many dreamers and their family are slowly watching the road to legal immigration close its doors on them, Saaverda says her family won't let that happen to them.

"My family has a plan because we know what it is to be separated  by borders so we're not going to let any borders, any administrations or any anti immigrant sentiment separate us," she explained.

Should President Trump repeal DACA, President Barack Obama is expected to issue a statement via Facebook and Twitter. Here in New York City some groups are already planning on rallying in front of Trump Towers on 5th Avenue and others are boarding buses Tuesday morning to rally in front of the White House.


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