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Marble Hill Reunion

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Broadway Bridge connecting Manhattan to the Bronx.

The Marble Hill section of the New York has always been special. From the controversy over the Bronx/Manhattan boundary, to the building of the Broadway Bridge, the neighborhood and its picturesque location has always held a unique position in the hearts and minds of New Yorkers.

Despite the controversy, its present and former residents agree that it is a great place to grow up. This summer they will come together to celebrate that very fact. August 14 – 16, 2009 the newly formed Marble Hill Reunion and Development Project presents the 1st annual Marble Hill Weekend.
Marble Hill Day, traditionally celebrated on a single Saturday in August, has now been extended over an entire weekend through the efforts of the Marble Hill Reunion and Development Committee.

The committee and attendees will celebrate more than 50 years of the Marble Hill Family and hope to revive the feeling and sense of community, friendship and unity that once existed in a neighborhood that was demographically very different from what it is today. Through the organizations website Marble Hill 225, and word of mouth, the group hopes to attract hundreds of former Marble Hill residents who now live all over the USA and as far away as Switzerland and Germany. All activities take place within the Marble Hill area, except an informal Friday evening get‐together at Coogan’s Restaurant at 168th St. & Broadway, in Washington Heights. Saturday features, the Ted Corbitt Memorial Run inside the project circle, and the Marble Hill Memorial Basketball Game at 3 pm as a tribute to those former Marble Hill residents and friends who have passed away. “The Run”, honors Ted Corbitt, the Olympic Marathon runner, called the “Father of American running”, who lived virtually unknown to residents, in Building 9 (5240 Broadway) for more that 50 years! Then the highlight of the weekend, the Dinner and Dance begins at 8 pm ending at midnight at the neighborhood American Legion Hall on Corlear Avenue.

Attendees are invited as special guests to the Sunday mass at St. John’s and the 11:00 am service at St. Stephen’s Church. At 1:00 pm a Sunday lunch‐buffet will also be served at St. Stephens Church on 228th St. where everyone can mingle and share information.

A Reunion dedicated to such a culturally rich neighborhood is not only a celebration, but an historical statement and living monument to one of the most unique neighborhoods in the United States. The entire weekend will be filmed and photographed, later be edited into a documentary.

Please call for more information at 1‐718‐561-6861 or visit www.marblehill225.com.


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Rev. Joyce Taylor on 08/24/2009 11:01:14
What a blessing to see many enjoy themselves during these weekend event. I shared working with the committee on Saturday and Sunday and was thrilled by the excited that permeated throughout the atmosphere.This was just the first year. Many more to come. God Bless, Joy and Peace.
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tony erby on 10/30/2009 13:09:40
I am from the Marblehill projects, 5210 bldg 1 apt 13G for 17 years. I loved growing up there, we had everything a child would want to play with. I presentley live in Charleston, SC. mM parents who have gone to glory were Mr. & Mrs. Patrick. My mom worked across the street at the laundromat owned by Mr. Charlie.
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tony erby on 10/30/2009 20:51:09
I was so happy to see Thomas Lockhart. He is from the same bldg 1 5210. I remember his mother too. She was tall herself. It was a exciting to see Thomas play. He used to kill Eugine Dennis on the boards, Kenny Osten, Teddy Herndon. I llived on the 13th floor 13g.
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Broadway Bridge connecting Manhattan to the Bronx.