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Every Experienced Yogi Has This

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What do you think we are talking about? What does every experienced yogi have in his/her yoga stuff collection? A mat? A yoga belt? A bolster? Or maybe a cork block? No. What we're talking about is a chakra bracelet. Have you ever heard of it?

A chakra bracelet is a very popular accessory among those who already into yoga for a while. Usually, a chakra bracelet is an accessory made of genuine or fake colorful gemstones, used for aromatherapy. If not, yoga enthusiasts use it as a day to day accessory to balance and calm down their inner energy and compliment the outfits. Each color represented in the bracelet has its own meaning and purpose. So, if you are interested in getting such accessory for yourself as well, keep reading. We have a lot of interesting information about chakra beads bracelet meaning and benefits of each color.

The Colors of a Yoga Bracelet

A chakra bracelet is a universal accessory. It is suitable for women and men alike. So, if you a man, do not doubt to get one if you want. How to choose? Let's have a look.

A chakra is an energy hub in your body. Overall, there are seven different energy portals in your body, which are represented by different colors. Those colors exactly are used for chakra bracelets, having seven different types of energy. A balanced chakra is responsible for the smooth flow of energy from one part of your body to another. There is nothing difficult in finding out which chakra might be unbalanced in your body right now. You just have to know the colors of each of them.

So, let's have a look at a yoga bracelet and the colors it consists of.

Seven Colors of a Chakra Bracelet

Physical, spiritual, or emotional balance are represented by the following colors.

  1. Red. An intense red color in the bracelet is responsible for the root chakra. The location of it is in the base of your spine. This chakra is also known as a place of vitality and sexual energy. It covers the body parts, which are located in this place directly – reproductive organs in particular.
  2. Orange. Orange color stands for a sacral chakra. It is responsible for stomach and all related organs. To find a sacral chakra, just place your hand on the central part of the lower belly. This part covers your feelings, emotions, creativity.
  3. Yellow. It is the solar plexus chakra, responsible for personal opinions, beliefs, confidence, and the ability to use your aggression correctly.
  4. Green. It is a heart chakra, responsible for being compassion and feel love. It is also a chakra of forgiving.
  5. Blue. It is a throat chakra. It is responsible for being loyal and inspiring, for communication, and connection.
  6. Indigo. It is a brow chakra, which relates to being fearless and wise. This energy hub is directly between your eyes.
  7. Violet. It is a crown chakra, which covers the feelings of presence, realization, consciousness, etc.

So, which energy balance exactly might you want to get a bracelet for?


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