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PopCaps' Bookworm Fans

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PopCaps' Bookworm

Bookworm fans gather around. Good news. For a mere $5 you can now buy PopCaps' Bookworm in the DSiWare™ category at Nintendo’s on line shop. This version of Bookworm delivers the highest caliber of game play available in a down loadable title that has been optimized for the Nintendo DSiWare platform.

As all Bookworm players know players link adjoining letter tiles to build words, completing each level and feeding “Lex.” Players use Reward Tiles and spell Bonus Words to boost their score. Now adapted for NintendoDSiWare, Bookworm includes still the complete game action of Classic mode. However all features have been specifically tuned for dual-screen, vertical gameplay, allowing players to hold their DS like an actual book, while playing the game or should I say getting their word fix. Rumor has it that some kids are actually out playing their parents. Don't let it bother you. They wll just get better grades in school.
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PopCaps' Bookworm