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Bronx Family Awarded $57 Million In Settlement Against NYCHA

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A Bronx family was awarded $57 million in a court battle against the New York City Housing Authority.

Tiesha Jones was told by her pediatrician in 2010 that her daughter, Dakota Taylor, exhibited symptoms of dangerous levels of lead exposure.

During that time, the family lived at the Fort Independence Houses.

Testing showed the 4-year-old registered 45 micrograms per deciliter of lead in her blood.

Exposure to lead in children is believed to cause developmental delays and Taylor, now 12 years old, has suffered brain damage that is believed to be linked to her exposure to lead.

"I felt betrayed," Jones says. "They sent us letters every year stating that our homes were safe, that they were free of lead and then to find out that my daughter has lead poisoning, it was betrayal."

NYCHA said in a statement, "NYCHA is clearly disappointed with the jury's verdict but looks forward to the final settlement of this matter upon terms agreed to by the plaintiffs."


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