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Bandit Robs Clothing For The Needy

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The suspect.

For the second time in three months a bandit who pillages through used clothing bins has again escaped with articles of clothing destined for the poor and destitute.

The apparent homeless man was once again spotted going through two used clothing bins and garbage cans as he pushed a shopping cart full of ill-gotten items at the Gulf Gas Station at East 180 Street on the Van Nest / West Farms border.

A worker at the Gulf station said after the first incident in early October, “The bins don’t belong to us, so we’re not going to get involved.”

The unidentified clothing bandit struck again on the evening of December 28, 2016. Once again, the man believed to be in his 60’s climbed onto a garbage can and wedged most of his body into the bin’s trap door– in order to reach down and scoop up the articles of clothing.

Watching the bizarre scene, one area resident stated, “They certainly will have to call authorities if his skinny little butt gets stuck in there.”

An employee of the Bronx-based Thriftland USA, who operates the two clothing bins at the Gulf Gas Station, stated that the donated items were distributed to local churches and community organizations in the area.

Thriftland USA said they would look into the matter of the Bronx’ used clothing bandit.


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