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Poor, Unacceptable Customer Service At Bank Of America In Co-op City

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This is the complaint we received earlier today from a reader of ours on the quality of service at Bank Of America at 2316 Bartow Avenue, Bronx, NY 10475.

"The Bank of America Co-op city branch in Bronx, NY was deplorable in customer service Tuesday, September 4, 2018.The wait was over 40 minutes for teller service.

I asked the manager for her name and she only gave "Jessilyn" or "Joselyn" and refused to provide her last name. She said only the one teller was available when clearly there were 3 other females and a male behind the desks pushing papers. I was at the bank in the afternoon at around 01:00 p.m., well after the morning rush, and seniors with walkers and canes were waiting behind me. "Jessilyn" offered no apologies and did not come out to speak to the line or manage service in any way.  

This would not occur in Manhattan and I told her I would report it to the news, she shrugged her shoulders.

I spoke with others on the line and they said waiting in line for a long time is a "normal" occurance at the branch.

I feel as if attention on social media were spread and the news showed up to record this, the bad treatment would change.

This is a minority community that BOA has shown disrespect for by not valuing our time and money. It is just unacceptable.

After the incident a district manager called to follow up with me. He only half apologized by defending the staffing shortage at the branch, which I pointed out was not true. He also said the manager does not have a cash drawer... Wow, the follow-up was even more aggravating. 

Please help in getting better service for the community by bringing attention and solution to this trouble.

Thank you."

After receiving this signal, we attempted to speak to someone in charge (actually anyone at all) at the branch at 718-320-1359 at around 11:20 a.m. on Saturday morning (during business hours), but nobody responded and we could not leave a voice mail either.

We invite the responsible manager(s) at the branch to address the situation by contacting us.


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