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The Other Man / Collection Of Sayings

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The Other Man

  • A normal man treats his children like children. The other man treats his children like adults, and when they grow up he treats them like children. A normal man loves his wife and his family. The other man loves everybody's wife but his, and he loves everybody's family but his. A normal man speaks a lot of truth. The other man speaks a lot of truth as well but only when it comes to hurting someone especially loved ones.
  • A normal man knows what he wants. The other man wants everything, and at the same time he wants nothing. A normal man doesnt play games when it comes to picking a spouse. The other man plays games all the time when it comes to picking a spouse. He acts like he doesnt care, doesnt see, wants nothing to do with it, and at the same time he thinks that is what makes him a real man.
  • The other man seeks everybody's respect and he doesn't get it from anyone. A normal man seeks nobody's respect and yet many people respect him. A normal man sees beauty and life in everything. The other man thinks the normal man is on drugs. A normal man knows the secret to eternal life which is love. The other man is looking for eternal life in medicine, not that there is anything wrong with it.
  • A normal man knows there is time for everything. The other man does everything at the same time. A normal man knows he is not perfect and there is a lot to work on. The other man is perfect in his eyes and he would not even question his perfection.
  • A normal man knows there is plenty of wise people in the world. The other man hasn't seen a wise man in the world but himself. A normal man's goal is to settle down, find himself, live life peacfully... The other man's goal is to get on TV, to get filthy rich, and be the center of attention.
  • When a normal man enters a stage in life of destruction and misery, he starts to complain a lot about everything, and eventually after few years or few months he recovers. When the other man enters such stage in life, he never recovers because he is the other man who lives on this stage.
  • A normal man believes there are exceptions to everything. He believes that in some cases it's ok to lie, in some cases violence is permitted, in some cases cheating on the spouse is not the end of the world. He believes that sometimes the exceptions are a necessity that help you grow, they make you wiser, they make you stronger, they open up your eyes and make you see things differently, they make you appreciate things that you took for granted. Things like breakfast, shower, your wife... Not to mention it is the exceptions that make a brave man out of a coward, an eloquent man out of an inarticulate man, a happy man out of a sad man, a wise man out of a fool... Unlike a normal man, the other man does not believe in exceptions, he is stubborn, he knows everything. He is capable of anything. But the reason he has nothing is simply because he doesnt want anything. And even if he did want to change his life a little, he wouldnt do it as a favor to this world because this world is just not ready for such genius to be revealed whose smile picks up a fallen souls, lifts up broken spirits, sets free the oppressed... And that is why he is where he is.
  • The normal man knows that his life will change only then when he changes, only then when he pays the price. And then he will realize, "I am the master of my life. I am in control of my life. Nobody is going to ride my back unless I bend it, and no man scares me because all man were created equal." But the other man blames everything and everyone around him for his problems. Nothing is ever his fault, nobody understands him, everybody is foolish...
  • Last but not least, the other man is 100% sure that he is the normal man while the normal man doesn't know who he is.

Collection of Sayings

  • "You cant have it all" was said by a man who didn't have it all.
  • The one who wonders more in life is more likely to find something valuable vs the one who settled down, not that there is anything wrong with setteling down. Your face is a reflection of your soul.
  • "Live in the moment". Before one actually starts living in the moment, he will have many of these moments when he decides that he is going to live in the moment. All wisdom, all secrets, all understandings will be revealed to a man when he starts loving. Because a man who loves, he lives in the light, and a man who hates, he lives in the darkness. To get tremendous pleasure from the intimate activity with a woman, your mind has to connect to her mind. The only way your minds can connect is when your souls are alike, when your hearts are alike, when your thoughts are alike, when your level of wisdom is about the same. And only then you two can unite in spirit, and then both of you are going to get tremendous pleasure from the intimate activity.
  • In love the "moves" are irrelevant.
  • The lower a man goes in life, the better he becomes at judging someone or something. For example, he can quickly recognize a good writer after reading only few pages of the book. He can quickly recognize a good movie producer after watching the movie for only few minutes. He can quickly recognize a good preacher after listening to his preaching for only 10 minutes or less. He is very good at recognizing talent because the "low man" has a very low tolerance for anything fake. He has no patience at all for foolishness. Something that isnt perfect irritates him quickly and he quits it instantly.
  • Honesty is the synonym to wisdom.
  • The more awkward, embarrasing moments you have had in the past, the better foundation you are building for the future.
  • When the inner pain (emotional pain) surpasses the outer pain (physical pain), the man commits suicide.
  • Just like Steve Job's soul is in the I-phone, Davinchi's soul in Mona Lisa, Maupassant's soul in his writings, same way God's soul is in everything.
  • The things that you are looking for are nowhere to be found but in you. A sober man knows who is drunk. That is how a wise man knows who is a fool. An honest man knows who is a lier. A normal man knows who is abnormal.
  • A sober man would never engage into an argument with a drunk man. A normal man would never engage into an argument with an abnormal man. However, if two man do engage into an arguement that means they are on the same level.
  • As many chances you give someone that many chances will be given to you. The greatness of a country is to be found in the individuals of that country and not in the system of the country. If you want to change the country greatly, change the indivuduals of that country, and the way you do it, it is by changing yourself first.
  • Before your body gets sick, your soul gets sick first. Watch after your soul and it will watch after your body. Watch what you eat, places you go to, music you listen to, people you talk to, things that you say... If you chose rightly then you have a beautiful soul, and your body will never get sick, in fact it will release an energy of attraction especailly to females.
  • It takes a man approximately 60 years to get some brain. And it takes a woman approximately 0 years to get some brain because it was given to her by nature.
  • Excessive drinking, or smoking, or drugs doesnt make you a bad person. It doesnt make you a good person either. But what makes you a good person or a bad person is what is in you. If there is love in you, you are a good person. If there is hate in you, you are a bad person. By the way, excessive drinking, smoking, drugs, food, sometimes it is good for you because they help you to get born again. They change you into another man. They help you overcome difficult times even when the difficult times go on for decades.
  • In a crowd of 742 people, the tallest man knows who he is. Out of 7 billion people in the world, the wisest man knows who he is.
  • If you are not sure whether he is a man of God or not, then he is not a man of God. If there is even a little doubt in your head about him, then dont waste your time.
  • Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and all the other religions only alter your life, but stress brings true changes. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and all the other religions make you feel good in the moment, but stress will turn that moment into your life. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and all the other religions make you a part of a big group of people, but stress sets you free. Religion spreads fear; stress spreads freedom. Religion offers you a good life in the afterlife; stress offers you a good life in this life. Religion takes you into another world; stress leads you into the real world. Religion is imaginary; stress is real. Religion separates people; stress unites people. Religion separates people even within religion, but stress unites even long time enemies unless these enemies are religious. Religion sows hatred toward anyone and everyone who thinks differently, but stress sows understanding toward anyone and everyone. Religion breaks apart families, but stress brings husband and wife closer together. Religion sends people into an emotional hell. It is worse than banking institutions and standing armies, but stress gives people an emotional freedom. It is the only and the true cure for stupidity. Religion is capable of murder. Stress is capable of help. Religion's slogan is,"It's not a lie if you believe in it". Stress' slogan is,"Your life is in your hands". I'm not sure what religion can give you, but stress can clean your mind. Stress will turn you into a "perfect" human being. There are no guarantees that you will come out as a winner, and the probability that you will fail is very high. Nevertheless, stress is the only thing that will help you find the real you, and that is when your life begins.



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