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Third Annual Marble Hill Reunion Weekend

Calling the family home - after two outstanding years in a row, the Marble Hill community is preparing to celebrated its 3nd annual Marble Hill Reunion Weekend this August 19 – 21, 2011.

New York After Dark, July 13, 1977

A short memoir of the 1977 NYC Blackout....
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Marble Hill Reunion

The Marble Hill section of the New York has always been special. From the controversy over the Bronx/Manhattan boundary, to the building of the Broadway Bridge, the neighborhood and its picturesque location has always held a unique position in the hearts and minds of New Yorkers....
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image Thomas Lockhart was born June 8, 1953. Mr. Lockhart is a former Bronx resident from the Marble Hill section, and attended The Bronx High School of Science and Manhattan College. A former All-American basketball player at both institutions, he left for Europe in 1976 to pursue a professional career after a brief encounter with the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. Continuing his education he actively plunged into corporate marketing communications with international companies like Philips, Alstom, Qiagen Instruments, KPMG, European Space Administration, ABN-Amro Bank and the Port of Rotterdam, while continuing to play ball and coach. Teaching English and advertising in Holland led to the setup of Ideas Unlimited, his own International Business Communications firm. Mr. Lockhart has lived and worked in various countries for the past 33 years, speaks German, French, Dutch and is currently learning Italian. Now residing near Zurich Switzerland, he has three children, Jarrett, 31 Chief of Staff with the Bronx City Council, 14th District, Maraya, 21 and Malik, 11. Tom is currently serving as Communications Manager and Asst. Operations Coordinator of the Marble Hill Reunion and Development Project.

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