Kiran Alvi

Giving Warning Of Volcanic Eruptions

I was living in eastern Washington State in May of 1980 when Mount St. Helens erupted after a massive landslide triggered by a magnitude 5.1 quake.

Running For President Of The Dominican Republic–From The South Bronx

Every Saturday night, 27 local residents meet in an abandoned salsa club in East Tremont to discuss Dominican Republic politics. The various clergymen, business people, and housewives are intent on getting the Bishop in their midst elected as the island’s next president in May....
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Edgar Allen Poe’s Cottage Reopens

Last Saturday, dozens of visitors were able once again to view the newly refurbished cottage that was home to celebrated American poet and author Edgar Allen Poe in the mid 19th century....
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image Kiran Alvi is working towards her M.S. degree at Columbia’s Journalism School with a specialization in digital media, covering the neighborhood of East Tremont. Kiran has previously worked for Nile TV in Cairo, in West Hollywood and Redondo Beach, and Annenberg TV News and in Los Angeles. She graduated with honors from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism in 2011 with a degree in broadcast journalism and Middle East studies.

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