Attiyya Anthony


New York Workers Planning To Retire Later, If Ever

Those other 49 states have it easy. New York has the highest property taxes and the highest marginal tax rate in the nation. Budget cuts are slashing the amount of teachers and Medicaid programs. If that’s not enough, due to expenses, the older population is watching their retirement dreams evaporate right before their eyes.
Author Info
image Attiyya Anthony is a University of Florida graduate with a B.S. in Journalism. After graduating with no financial debt, she learned the importance of working hard and saving money, which sprouted her quest for financial literacy. In addition to journalism, Attiyya is an environmentalist, poet, model, and social activist. She has freelanced for several publications both in Florida and in New York, including HOME Magazine, the Gainesville Sun, the Charlotte Sun-Herald, and Brooklyn's L Magazine.

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