Arthur Burton

311, Noise, And Mount Hope

Mayor Bloomberg has been an avid supporter of his 311 system, but when it comes to tenants dealing with noise rumbling from their neighbors apartments, 311 fails to deliver. At least in the Bronx.

200 Candidates – A Single Position

Some say we are starting to come out of the recession but there are still many people that are out of work. In the Technology field I can honestly say that there are jobs but direct apply is not working for most of us because there are hundreds of resumes that are posted all over the web....
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New Age Is About Outside The Box

Living in Bronx has been a great experience. Being born at Fordham Hospital in 1966 and growing up in Fordham Hill and seeing it now there is a big difference....
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image Arthur Burton Arthur L Burton III was educated at Monroe University, Bronx, majoring in Computer Programming. He graduated from the Chubb Institute with concentration Network Engineering, NY. Arthur is a Certified NYSEMT and has volunteered as an EMT for the Throggs Neck Ambulance Corp in Bronx, NY. Arthur works as a Freelance writer and Ghostwriter. He is currently an Active Board Member for the Greater Zion Hill Community Action Network, New York City, NY.

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