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Android Pie: What Is It?

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No, it is not something good to eat – although many would want a piece of it.

Android Pie is the ninth endeavor of Android to compete in (and conquer) the big table of high profile technology. It’s just been released but it’s already on everybody’s mouth. Why is it so interesting?

I would say that it’s probably because of its most notable feature: the prominent presence of AI.

As Google underlined, Artificial Intelligence plays a bigger role in this OS and will make the device it’s installed on more smartly interactive. To quote them: “Android 9 Pie harnesses the power of AI for a truly intuitive experience”. In short, they promise a change in the interactions between users and their phone, obtained basically by a different navigation of Android.

The science-fiction fans are probably already worried and ready to warn us against dystopian scenarios fit for Clarke or Asimov. Who knows, one day the machines might take over and we will have to run for our lives, but for now Android Pie seems quite friendly and with good intentions.

In fact, the AI driven features are all meant to optimize the user experience as well as the user’s quality of life. The influence of Artificial Intelligence will be most notable in certain features, for example the Adaptive Battery. Every single smartphone owner, regardless of make and model of their device, has at least once complained about the battery’s life. Yes, my friends, the struggle is real – but will Android 9 solve this epic problem? That is where the AI comes into play, adjusting the power used for specific apps, based on the person’s use. Adaptive Brightness - another functionality that is steered by AI relates to the brightness: the user will be able to set the brightness level according to specific situations and those settings will then be adjusted automatically.

A very interesting aspect of Android Pie is that the array of features that it offers are aimed at helping users to manage their time online – in order to spend more time offline.

Many (possibly too many) people spend a lot of time on their phone, for both work and leisure; and a number of users in surveys have been mentioning that they would like smarter functionalities that will make them more aware of the time they spend online. Well, this is exactly what Google promises to achieve with Android Pie! Fewer notifications, a smoother and more natural gesture navigation – features like these will provide the users with a less stressful and less distracting environment.

Let’s assume it works and people start being more time-conscious and end up spending more quality time offline. Will it have an impact on the ongoing increase in mobile gaming, for example? The figures in that field are high, with a steady 19% increase forecast for the year 2018 – hence the reason we see world renowned brands, PartyCasino being a typical business that has yet to see any negative impact on their numbers. So far only a few devices have jumped on board, with Motorola announcing its intention of upgrading to Android Pie for at least 8 models. All we can do is wait patiently at the table and, when the time comes, have a bite.


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